“Innovation and creativity in the fields of Management Consultancy and creative solutions using technical approaches and supportive management training to reach advanced performance levels.”

Khamis Saif Alshamsi



A strategic partner supporting government and private institutions in the middle east reach its objectives and aspirations through a comprehensive system in management consultancy, innovative solutions and management training as per the best international practices.

Our consultations; Cornerstone of your project.

IBDAA is distinguished by its ability to provide the best transfer solutions from the traditional / manual system to the use of smart and electronic systems in business administration, as well as a constant follow-up and analysis of same.

Great things start with the right plan.

IBDAA provides fully integrated strategic planning solutions at all levels of government institutions, departments, agencies and private sector.

There is always a windows for improvement.

IBDAA offers integrated technical solutions in the field of developing existing business by studying the field of business to be developed and providing solutions that meet the requirements of the market and the objectives of the company.

Studies that take your ideas to the next level.

IBDAA offers all types of feasibility studies for future projects for institutions, departments, and private sector through an integrated program based on studying the services and products required by customers.

We use cutting-edge techs to help businesses
to advance to next step.

Build up strategic partnerships to reach the maximum possible benefits for all involved parties in government and private sectors.
Develop practical applications that correspond with modern trends and help achieve the ambitious aspirations of the UAE.
Follow innovative approaches in solving problems and difficulties facing government and private sectors.
Use of State-of-the-art Programs and Electronic Systems while preparing and executing top level management consultancy.
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We build up strategic partnerships to reach the maximum possible benefits for all involved parties